Optima Batteries again, powers Bentleys success.

Lands End to John O'Groats reliability trial - LE JOG Dec 11th - 14th.

Robert Abrey and Julian Riley crewed a 3 / 41/2 1926 Bentley to remarkable success in the event billed by the German Motoring Magazine as the toughest rally in the world fo0r historic and classic cars.

Some 1500 miles in just 3 days with additional testes along the route!

The event was started in the knowledge that the historical FIA approved electrical system would not keep pave with demands of the night long driving. Lights would be required from 3pm to 9am and the in inclement weather.

Power would be required for ignition, headlights, ancillary lights, map reading lights, wipers etc.

Before the start of the rally a reserve 'Optima Battery' was installed in the car with a plug socket for use if required.

After the first 8 hours of night driving in the first leg of the rally across Wales the lighting system failed.

The reserve 'Optima battery' was plugged into the system, the car then ran for the remainder of the night to finish the first leg to Chester. The following day was completed early in the evening which placed little demand on the electrical system.

The final day/night was commenced at 7am on Monday morning and finished at 9.30am Tuesday morning 26 and a half hours of almost continuous running. Full electrical power was maintained throughout!

This a testimony to the ability of the Optima Battery over a traditional lead acid battery which lasted only 8 hours! wheras the Optima' was still performing well after 17 hours of night driving.

The crew finished 14th overall out of 91 starters and was the highest placed vintage car in the whole event.