General Information

OPTIMA® RedTop Battery

Starter Batteries for professional use

Instant starting power, that's what the OPTIMA RedTop is built for. This means unparalleled starting capacity for hard working professional vehicles that need to start when it really counts. The key to all this power is OPTIMA's SpiralCell Technology®, which gives maximum starting power for large diesel engines and other heavy equipment using the same compact RedTop battery that you can use in your car. This technology provides maximum starting power regardless of extreme outdoor temperature changes. The robust, leak free construction can withstand extreme vibration and delivers maintenance free power, wherever your adventure takes you.

A Tough Battery for Tough Jobs

OPTIMA® batteries are quickly becoming a popular product for use in commercial applications. Rigorous operating conditions and extended periods of storage are common for agricultural and heavy equipment applications. Heavy maintenance schedules cost farmers and construction workers valuable time, which translates to lower productivity and less profit. OPTIMA batteries help minimize downtime by providing a consistent and reliable power source for the extreme conditions of the commercial equipment industry, resulting in lower replacement and maintenance costs and less time spent repairing vital equipment.

The Optima Advantage

Agricultural and heavy equipment applications where heavy machinery is used seasonally call for outstanding starting power. The patented SpiralCell® Technology, featured in OPTIMA batteries, makes it possible to start heavy diesel engines after long periods of non-use and during cold weather. Its low self-discharge rate makes it an ideal battery for seasonal applications.

OPTIMA batteries also provide unmatched vibration resistance over traditional lead-acid batteries, providing up to 15 times the resistance of competitive products. This proves beneficial for machinery being used in a rocky, bumpy or in a heavy vibration environment. The tightly compressed cells in the battery allow for a tough, leak proof design and prevent shedding of active materials caused by heavy vibration. Losing active materials lessens the reserve capacity and cranking power of a battery. An OPTIMA battery is able to withstand harsh terrain and conditions without power disruption, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Operating in Extreme Conditions

OPTIMA batteries advanced technology not only provides longer shelf life and vibration resistance, it also supplies consistent power through extreme temperatures and climates. Excessive heat can create corrosion and gassing which can shorten the cycle life of a battery. OPTIMA batteries have a higher resistance to heat, cutting down on its negative effects. In cold weather applications, a battery's ability to provide cranking power to the engine is extremely important. OPTIMA batteries have a lower internal resistance, which provides increased cranking power even in the coldest of temperatures.

OPTIMA® Commercial YellowTop

Dual Power Batteries for professional use

OPTIMA YellowTop is made to install and forget. No matter the conditions, be it dampness, heat, dirt or exposure to extremes in vibration or regular discharge, it is guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted power throughout the entire discharge cycle. Its capacity to maintain high voltage during the discharge cycle means that you can take advantage of a larger part of the stored power in the OPTIMA compared to ordinary batteries. This is all thanks to OPTIMA's SpiralCell Technology ®, which combines the advantages of a starter battery with those of a deep cycle battery. The YellowTop will provide many more charge and discharge cycles when compared to the traditional lead acid batteries often used. It is also ideal for seasonal use because of its very low self-discharge rate.

Like You, It Doesn't Know When to Quit

There's not another battery in the world that works as hard as the OPTIMA battery. Especially against the number one enemy: vibration. The unique SPIRALCELL® Technology used in the construction of the OPTIMA® YellowTop S 5.5 battery makes it an excellent power source for demanding heavy duty engine starting and deep cycle applications.

Deep Cycle Batteries for Professional Use

OPTIMA YellowTop batteries are guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted power throughout the entire discharge cycle. The ability to hold a higher voltage during the discharge cycle makes it possible to utilise more of the stored power in the OPTIMA, compared to ordinary batteries. Plus, it's spill-proof, highly resistant to extremes of temperature and can be stored for long periods without maintenance.

OPTIMA's YellowTop last up to twice as long as traditional batteries, so if you rely on your vehicle to earn a living, you demand consistent high performance from all the parts you put into it. Unexpected downtime due to a battery failure can waste time and money and put you behind schedule. OPTIMA YellowTop batteries are made to endure the extremes of commercial, heavy duty use and keep you moving.

NONSPILLABLE AND MAINTENANCE FREE OPTIMA batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free, providing a solution for applications where flexibility in mounting is needed.

Optima batteries, incorporating patented SPIRALCELL® Technology, are still performing strong long after traditional batteries have died. Even after extended accessory use, you'll still have plenty of power to keep things going.